Dec 9, 2010

the plexi sound

listening to jimi hendrix over and over sure has negative influence. such as lusting after a plexi and a strat. i know i'll never half as cool as jimi but sure man can dream, surely? i just love that creamy overdriven sound. some months ago i was all over this particular clean sound and now it's this overdriven sound. lesse how long this period's gonna last.

the strat part's already done but it's such a crap guitar that totally shouldn't be bought in the first place. it's getting returned though.

the plexi part is being done, on its way. above is a marshall jcm 800 with plexi curcuit. this means no master volume and you have to crank the thing. i tried a jcm 800 today and totally couldn't tame the beast. i also literally play like i'm high or something, couldn't hold a tune at all. sucks. the amp was loud, too loud. it can shake the window at my place at 2 or 3 on the volume dial. 50w of raw clean power, 90w of overdriven power. that's too much for a bedroom rocker so i'll have to pass. maybe.

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