Dec 21, 2010

Still life pt.2

to answer some questions: the pic i took last time is in goldcoast, australia. i had a really good time there, better than expected.

the short story i'm posting was written when i was still in high school and full on emo mode. also enjoy some gun club too

Rain. Tiny raindrops fine like glassy dust dancing away in the wind seems to soften the overall mood down as groups of villagers gossiping happily on their way to the field. Father Jonah puts on his priest robe, off for the first day. On the aimless stroll to the church, somehow Jonah ends up taking a different route to where Martin lives instead. The two have a conversation for the whole morning about things have come to pass.
Yes, Jonah. Somehow the last three men stayed with her died just days later but all others came before them are still here with us.”
I do not know why just yet but this has to stop.” - adds Martin.
So those three came seeking pleasure was punished but not others as well? Can this not be the intervention of God but merely a play of fate?”
Are you doubting your faith my son?” - Martin gently snaps Jonah out of his train of thought.
No, Martin.” - With a weary smile on his face replies Jonah.
And so Jonah takes his leave. The sun shining brightly above reminds him of mid day meal time so the priest passes by “The boar's inn” run by old Jack to lunch Rosale. The place seems deserted without guests though it is neatly looked after as always.
Good day my father. You here for the little miss' meals, am I right?” - greets the old man behind the counter.
Yes, Jack. I am to taking care of her for the next few days, 'till then, I will have to trouble you day to day.”
This no trouble, I'm glad she's in good hands, the least for now anyway. Let me get the wife preparing, just her lunch or dinner also?”
Both lunch and dinner... no, make it lunch, I'll come back tonight for her dinner.”
With a slight nod, the old man disappears then comes back as quickly as if he was always there.
Such a disaster my Rosa has caused, and I always thought the girl's misfortune ended by the time there's no one left by her side. And what could she possibly thought when she began doing that...that whole providing comfort thing anyway? At any moment there's me and the wife she can lean on. Father, it's not like we didn't have any say in the matter but in the end the little miss decided that all on her own.” - the old man shakes his head then goes on talking but only to be stopped short by his wife - “Stop bothering father Jonah with your rambling Jack, he has enough to worry about already and there you are being such a big no helper.” And as she turns around giving Jonah a box wrapped in cloth - “Here you go good father, please tell the girl we pray for her well being.”
Father Jonah smiles slightly in return - “Thank you Martha, I will.” And so he bids the two farewell, off to blue cellar. Grainy footsteps sounds on pebble and lush thoughts escort the priest all the way to the old house. As he steps inside, though a night just over, somehow the house interiors have changed significantly. The whole house has been dusted, cleaned, rearranged, restored to its very former state, just like its owner still lives here all this time. Slight moment of uneasiness is broken by the creaking sound the stairs make. Startled, the priest turns over but the red dress he recognizes soon reassures him.
I've been waiting for you, father, and waiting in this place makes a second long as an eternity.”
I bring you your lunch and prayers from Jack and Martha. I will be back after dusk with your dinner. If there's anything else you need, please tell me.” - Father Jonah puts box on the round table, ready to leave.
Can't you stay just for a single moment, father?”
What is it that you need?”
No, father...” - Rosale hesitates before letting go “I.. just need some one to talk to.”
I know how numb this place can be, I can bring you some belongings of yours to make it less so. Still I have the church to tend to so I can't afford staying here much longer.”
I understand, father. I just want a change of clothes, some wool and my weaving tools. Until night falls then.”
'Till night falls.” - Father Jonah leaves as the silence overcomes. The afternoon thereafter he spends tending the church with its daily chores. Another day is over as soon as darkness falls shrouding all over Moor village. Villagers begin hurrying home from the field, hurrying back to their family, hurrying back to houses with welcoming misty smoke afloat above the chimney and tasty dinner aroma, to their home. Father Jonah closes down the church then heads for the small house by the edge of the village, where Rosale used to live. Thin jasmine scent welcomes Jonah as he opens the inviting door. At a glance, the house itself is warmly bare with ordinary day to day items organized neatly and notably, above the fire place hung a painting of five persons, two old, two young and one newly born. The man stands gazing at the painting reminiscing as something cross his mind but soon shrugs off the atmosphere then goes upstairs looking for what he came for. Leaving the house behind, father Jonah passes by the old inn finally off to blue cellar. By the time Jonah gets out of the forest on his way returning home, lights from houses all over the village are dying out already.

Morning rises still no sun in sight. Though clouded, the sky have not yielded to the rain. Another pleasant day to start waking up. And then afternoon arrives in the blink of an eye. Father Jonah left his last prayer lingering by the altar for his trip to old Jack then to blue cellar then on his way back to the church.
Jon!” - A voice calls out, as sudden as the same hand falls on his shoulder that wakes Jonah from his trance. His eyebrows stop shrinking into deep thoughts as the priest turns around to greet his childhood friend.
Keith, you startled me to all heaven. Are you on your way home from the field?”
Yes, Jon. The weather has been tamed recently, our village will be granted another perfect crop.” And as Keith lets out a sigh - “Unlike recent events.”
That is pleasant news indeed.” - His reply is soon cut short by Keith
But can it save Rosa? We are not all damned, still a harvest ahead and contagion between villagers is no more.” Father Jonah gaze at his friend for brief a moment before reply
Where has my optimistic friend gone? There is not a thing certain about what will come.”
Jon, if I were you, I would have run away and start all over with Rosa somewhere else.”
I know your feelings for her, Keith, but your end will come because of her strange illness.”
And before Jonah can finish his words - “Affections can be expressed in many ways differently, Jon.”
So the two part, each goes their way though somehow Jonah still have his friend words a companion half way back.
Father Jonah!” - A female voice springs up right behind the priest startles him once again. Jonah turns around to meet a group of women carrying farming instruments with a middle aged woman in front.
Father, have you decided the matter with the wench yet? We can no longer tolerate her behavior here in this village no more. Even the god's mercy is at its end for her.”
Don't say that in the name of god.” - Father Jonah replies as his face turns stern. Several other women soon steps out of the crowd voicing up
Father, not only that wench has long bewitched our boys, she also makes use of her body to earn a living. That's such a shame we cannot endure any longer. She's in this village any moment longer means a peril to us all.”
Outcast.” - Father Jonah speaks out loud the word as the woman ends her sentence. Why, Jonah himself does not know either. He quickly bids them farewell then back to taking care the church. Another night sleeps the darkness away.

Last piece will follow soon.


  1. That picture is absolutely beautiful!

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  3. Burn the filthy temptress with the flaming staff of doctrine, lest she face a worse fate without His redemption!

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