Dec 27, 2010

Still life pt.3 / End


Roosters crowing afar awakes another day, another start. For Jonah, he himself has stopped dreaming long before the first rooster awakes. The first house he goes to visit is the only apothecary in whole village to remedy the lack of sleep, to bring back his dreams until the darkness of the night is over. By the time Jonah finishes cleaning up the church, the sun has crawled high above the belfry. As Jonah leaves “The boar's inn” he just can not shrugs the expression ingrained on old Jack face off his mind. The moment he asked for a dinner for two the old man face became blank with surprise then distorted with disgust then lightened up with hope and happiness then back to slight disgust. Jack then remained strangely silent until his wife came out to give Jonah the meal box. Back to the church, father Jonah attend to his duty until the very last confessions is heard, until dusk covers Moor village in a blanket of orange. He closes down the church, on his way to the blue cellar. Though somewhat perplexed, the fair lady still welcomes Jonah to spend the dinner at the forlorn place. The two hold a conversation long into the night, until Jonah comes home and still gets some sleep without touch the vial at all.

Dawn. The sun slowly rises out of the forest, shed its light through the stained glass lightens up the church. Father Jonah makes his last prayer then heads out for the town square. About time he arrives, all the villagers in the small community have gathered there anxiously waiting. The man walks up to the front, his look sweeps through every faces, the troubling faces of the old couple, the blank face of his friend, the curious faces of the onlookers, the dissatisfied faces of the women.
Three days are over and I have made up my mind. Truly the gods are displeased with us and now Rosale will be sacrificed this very morning to end our sufferings. I will go escort the woman here while everyone prepare woods for the sacrifice.” - his words come out without any hesitation. He briefly turns around heading for the old house, leaving voices fall like marble behind. And as the man gets closer to his destination, riving thoughts seem to drain him away, turns his face emotionless. Jonah opens the door only to see Rosale sitting at the round table waiting, with a smile on her face.
It's time to go.”
Just in time I finish this wool scarf, may it serves you well for the upcoming winters.”
Thank you. Now let us proceed my plan with haste, just drink the vial...”
And when I wake up it'll be a place miles from here. I understand, father.”
And the damsel drinks the vial, in his arm she falls. Jonah holds Rosale with both hands, lift her up then slowly paces himself out of the forest into the fire. Dead moment as Jonah appears cradling Rosale, up the steps into the pyre he goes. The villagers all watch in silence as he lets the lady lies down sleeping, kisses her forehead whispering his final prayer. The man takes a torch off one of the villagers then lights up the woods sends her away in an inferno. He watches and watches. So do everyone else, in silence. The inferno rages on in his darkly eyes. Softly Jonah whispers to himself - “To heaven's gate you leave, where happiness seek not but still found.”


  1. Jonah opens the door only to see Rosale sitting at the round table waiting, with a smile on her face.

    Guess where she got her smile from? :)

  2. Smile: from a smile a day? :D
    Bart: reflecting lights from stained glasses

  3. I'm starting to read Part I and II, I'll comment again as soon as I finish

  4. Pretty epic! It's a sad ending :(. Will there be more?

  5. Did you write this yourself? Its pretty cool stuff!

  6. i wrote this as class assignment sometime ago. i remember some girls and guys considered me a creep because of the ending :D