Dec 29, 2010

wisdom straight from the horses' mouth

do you trust 'em, the horses? i don't but these sound reasonable so here we go.

1. cut some ties loose and let them out of your life.

2. do something that's completely out of your character once in a while.

3. thin the herd, be someone's somebody. don't be everyone's everybody.

4. do the right thing even for the wrong reasons.

5. don't trust everything you know.

so there. goodbye horses!


  1. "Do the right thing even for the wrong reasons" isn't a little paradox?

  2. it's funny to do #2 when people least expect it because it blows their mind lol. Like when a person doesn't curse at all and when they do it for the first time everyone's face is O_O lol

  3. cool advice. I like the fallout cartoons.

  4. "...don't be everyone's everybody."
    This is what I need to stop doing.

  5. yeah i see the wisdom in the first pic. Always stab in the back while their sleeping. Less blood on you.

  6. will keep these life advices in mind. thanks!

  7. Some interesting advice, thank you!

  8. Knowing me, I will get number 4 backwards and do the wrong thing for the right reasons...