Jan 5, 2011

blue jasmine

"I'm home!", Max's voice echos throughout the house as he speaks. He unties and takes off his shoes while mumbling "Gotta fix that". He puts the shoes aside and walks into the house. Just 3 steps and the man turns back, he picks up his shoes and puts them on the highest shelf, noticing himself "Leather shoes on top...ok". As he walks into the living room, the man turns his head around instinctively looking for something but then continues to the bed room. The door makes a slight creaking sound and as it opens, fresh air lean on this shoulder for a brief moment before winding off. "Blue jasmine huh...", Max tells himself. He takes another deep breath and stares off into the distance as something crosses his mind. The man shrugs off the atmosphere, goes to the wardrobe for a change of clothes then off to prepare dinner.

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